PROFESSIONALS in Highly Regulated Industries

Costello Law Firm helps professionals in highly regulated industries set up compliance systems and respond to government agency inquiries, investigations and formal actions. We also assist these businesses in all normal business and employment matters. We represent professionals and business owners in the following industries:


Doctors, nurses, chiropractors, dentists and dozens of other professions overseen by the Department of Health are held to high standards by a multitude of Federal, State and City regulations that range from practice requirements to patient care, financial management and recording keeping policies. These professionals can find themselves facing accusations from patients, business partners or spouses for failing to adhere to these standards and policies. The consequences can often be administrative sanctions or potential civil and criminal liability. Costello Law Firm frequently represents health care professionals in this high stakes area of the law.


Bankers, stock brokers, insurance brokers, accountants and bookkeepers are heavily regulated by Federal, State and City agencies. Failure to remain in compliance can result in administrative sanctions or potential civil and criminal liability against the company or its individual executives or employees. Costello Law Firm has deep experience assisting professionals facing government regulators for actions related to their work.


Attorneys, legal technicians and paralegals are heavily regulated by the Washington State Bar Association’s legal and ethical requirements. Failure to follow these requirements can result in sanctions and the restriction, suspension or revocation of their ability to continue practicing law. Costello Law Firm represents legal services professionals in such cases.


Other professional license holders can find their licenses challenged if it is alleged that they committed unprofessional conduct. An administrative action against a professional license can result in disciplinary measures ranging from additional training and supervision to suspension or revocation of the license. Costello Law Firm puts our experience to work defending professionals in these actions.
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