White Collar Defense, Government Litigation & Investigations

White collar defense is the defense of businesses, business employees, and licensed professionals under government investigation. Experienced counsel can make a critical difference in responding to an investigation. Our white collar practice includes:

Government Investigations

A government investigation into criminal wrongdoing by a business can have extremely serious consequences. The business and its individual executives may be exposed to criminal penalties and fines. The business might lose the right to contract with the government. Civil investigations also can severely impact a business and may occur in parallel to a criminal investigation. We have represented businesses under investigation and we have represented governments conducting investigations. We understand how to help clients reduce their potential liability and negotiate for more favorable resolutions, including global settlements ending parallel proceedings.

Grand Jury Investigation

Grand juries issue subpoenas requiring documents to be produced and witnesses to testify. Grand juries then decide whether targets should be criminally indicted. We have significant experience with this high stakes process and will help clients understand their rights and obligations. For example, we may be able to negotiate a narrower response to subpoenas to lessen a client’s burden. We also know how to prepare clients for the special demands of a testimonial appearance before a grand jury.

Professional Ethics

Licensed professionals, including doctors, are subject to review by multiple regulators and licensing agencies. Adverse action by these regulators can threaten to end a practice that might have taken decades to build. We understand how to help professionals preserve their livelihoods.


Sometimes it’s necessary to defend a client’s rights at trial. Our attorneys are experienced trial practitioners and know how to execute a strong defense. Importantly, our trial experience strengthens our practice in all other phases of a case. Because we know how to build a winning case at trial, we can understand earlier when a client has good arguments against their legal liability. This can lead to a matter being resolved much more quickly and cost effectively.

Focus Areas:

  • Government Investigations
  • Grand Jury Investigations
  • Professional Ethics
  • Trials

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