Business Owners

Costello Law Firm represents small and large businesses dealing with legal crises and internal liability and regulatory compliance concerns. We leverage our courtroom skills to represent clients in court and often to settle cases quickly, allowing business owners to go back to their businesses. Additionally, we provide efficient due diligence reviews of contracts, leases, employee manuals and corporate structure to help avoid costly future legal problems.

Fast Growing Businesses

Costello Law Firm represents businesses involved in civil claims or alleged violations including:
• Fraud
• Breach of Contract
• Lease Violations and Real Estate Litigation
• Intellectual Property Disputes
• Trade Secrets Disputes

Highly Regulated Industries

Businesses are subject to dozens of local, state, and federal regulations governing their relationships with their employees. These include the Fair Labor Standards Act, Affordable Care Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and regulations concerning workplace safety, violence, and sexual harassment. Costello Law Firm is experienced in representing and assisting businesses facing employment law actions.

Companies in Transition or Crisis

Companies initiate their own internal investigations for a wide range of reasons. These can include allegations of employee misconduct, external claims of employee malfeasance, and internal whistleblower complaints. Misconduct might involve sexual harassment, accounting fraud, manipulation of data, or theft.

We are experienced investigators who can make effective inquiries. An investigation can include interviews with employees and collection and examination of evidence. If needed, we recommend corrective action, including future compliance monitoring. A quality internal investigation and appropriate response may help forestall further action by regulators or prosecutors.

Small Businesses

Costello Law Firm can help our clients determine whether they are adhering to applicable laws and regulations. This helps guard against litigation, employee malfeasance, and government enforcement investigation audits and actions. We provide legal opinion letters, ongoing advice, employee manuals, and tools to manage compliance with complex city, state and federal laws. We can report on compliance, recommend changes to internal systems, and monitor future best practices.

Focus Areas:

  • Fast Growing Businesses
  • Highly Regulated Industries
  • Companies in Transition or Crisis
  • Small Businesses

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