White Collar and Government Enforcement

Costello Law Firm represents professionals, business owners and corporate executives under investigation or accused of wrong-doing relating to their professional job duties in government enforcement actions and in Federal and State Court.

Individuals and companies can be held civilly and criminally liable for acts performed related to their work and the actions and decisions of their companies, colleagues and employees through complicated theories of agency liability in enforcement actions and criminal culpability in criminal actions. These cases are commonly referred to as “white collar” and involve some the most challenging and compelling dynamics in the field of criminal law. Actions can be initiated by civil, regulatory or criminal action by government agencies.


Costello Law Firm attorneys have experience representing individuals during the critical investigation or “pre-charge” phase of Federal, State, County or City law enforcement investigations. Costello Law Firm assists individuals and companies navigate the complicated and intimidating dynamics of Federal Grand Jury Investigations. We protect the rights of targets, subjects and witnesses.

Government Enforcement & Civil Actions

We have been working with regulatory and government investigators, auditors, law enforcement and prosecutors for over two decades and are very familiar with advising our clients on the best approach to managing the investigation. Because our skills were honed in the courtroom, we have quick and effective analytical skills that work well under the pressure of a crisis caused by an accusation.

Formal Criminal Charges

Costello Law Firm has extensive experience representing clients charged in Federal Court and litigating complex Federal cases brought by the United States Attorney’s office, often by grand jury indictment.

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