Costello Law Firm assists business owners develop compliance systems and internal controls to safeguard against legal action, employee malfeasance, government enforcement and regulatory and industry risk. We help our clients understand the law applicable to their business and industry and on employment matters. We provide legal opinions, advice and consultation on all legal, regulatory, and licensing responsibilities. We provide internal reviews and audits to determine compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. We conduct internal investigations in instances of employee negligence or misconduct such as theft or sexual harassment. We help our clients design compliance systems protocols and manuals to assure employee training compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and implement self-audit systems to assure oversight and reduce risk.

Through our decades of experience working with professionals and businesses in the crisis of investigations, audits, law suits and criminal allegations and charges, we have observed stable corporate structures, good risk management and compliance systems can help avoid adverse actions, and the worry associated with the threat of these actions. In fact, this practice was developed because most, if not all litigation and enforcement actions were avoidable if proper internal controls and management had been in place.

We believe that preventing potential legal problems by setting up self-audit and compliance management systems is far more cost effective and prudent than dealing with a problem in the thick of a crisis, such as litigation. We encourage our clients to address compliance issues as a crucial component of sound business practice. Experience has taught us that this approach allows costs to be contained and budgeted, lowers risk and concern about liability and enforcement and helps avoid the stress, disruption and expense of reacting to legal issues that could have been prevented. We have observed the financial wisdom of implementing these safeguards. Crisis management is expensive and disruptive. Risk management is a better business decision. It allows for more stability and planning. Compliance systems can be thought through, budgeted and implemented over time. It is good for business because it helps manage employees and increase productivity.  Litigation, the threat of litigation and government audits, investigations and enforcement actions can have a devastating impact on a company’s operation and business. The worry of a potential enforcement action or law suit can have a negative effect on creativity, productivity and growth.

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