Business Owners

Business Owners

Costello Law Firm represents business owners who have spent their lives building and growing a business. We represent our clients during the crisis of pre-litigation, litigation, enforcement actions and in business and employee disputes. We also assist our clients in developing risk management systems in the areas of compliance, corporate governance, contracts and human resources.
• Heavily Regulated Industries
• Fast Growing Businesses
• Companies in Transition
• Small Businesses

Highly Regulated Industries

Costello Law Firm assists businesses in heavily regulated industries facing the crisis of litigation and enforcement actions and those who want to eliminate risk by preventing problems before they can occur. We audit and test the systems that are already in place and are ready to suggest and implement new systems if weaknesses and inefficiencies are found. Heavily Regulated Industries must be able to fix problems before they occur. Comply with industry standards requires that systems be put in place before there is a problem. Once problems are caught, new systems can be developed to make sure that compliance issues are effectively and easily managed in the future.

We advise clients in highly regulated industries and other businesses on compliance issues relating industry regulations. The best and obvious way to avoid a problem is to know, understand and follow the rules. All businesses owners and professionals are expected to know, understand and comply with all the legal and regulatory obligations of business, employment rules and the regulatory obligations of their industry. In fast paced world of business this is harder than it sounds. In highly regulated industries, it is especially difficult because the regulations and legal requirements are complex.

Businesses in highly regulated industry must also make sure their employees follow the rules.
We help our clients understand the rules and implement internal controls and systems to assure compliance, including internal controls to allow self-audit, compliance systems to check and monitor human error and training programs and management manuals on proper procedure.

The firm successfully represented business owners and professionals in highly regulated industries. The firm is familiar with the challenges and risks inherent in highly regulated industries and prefers to practice preventative, rather than reactionary, law The firm employs project management systems and established frameworks to our clients’ problems and stop
• Insurance
• Real Estate
• Manufacturing
• Legal
• Medical

Fast Growing Businesses

Costello Law Firm assists businesses who have grown too fast for their existing infrastructure and found themselves suddenly lacking adequate legal and operational systems to assure compliance and stability.

We understand that entrepreneurs, innovators and business owners are focused on launching the business and driving revenue, sometimes to the exclusion of putting proper emphasis on important legal and regulatory structures necessary to stay in compliance and to avoid risk and crisis. We help our client set up stable formation, corporate governance and human resource systems; and, administrative protocols and internal controls to assure legal and regulatory compliance.
• Design
• Technology
• Sales
• Manufacturing
• Product Development
• Services

Companies in Transition

Costello Law Firm assists companies during changes to corporate and partnerships, sales, mergers or during successive planning and growth. We have found that transition in a business can sometimes trigger concern, conflict and legal problems. We help our clients avoid the crisis of litigation and implement stable legal and risk management structures to help guide the company through these periods.

Small Businesses

Small business owners face the daunting task of wearing many hats. We help our small business clients come up with a strategy of building good legal, regulation and risk management systems over time. The crisis of litigation or an enforcement action for these clients can devastate the business. We encourage our clients to be proactive and strategic in developing the necessary legal and corporate infrastructure and risk management systems.
• Entrepreneurs
• Solo Practices
• Small Boutiques

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